Unique Hand Crafted Root Boomerangs

Black Wattle root boomerangs. Hand crafted with Aboriginal dot art design

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Unique Hand Crafted Root Boomerangs
A spiritual artefact and a hunting weapon.

These authentic unique boomerangs are 100% hand made by Aboriginal families in Queensland. After the Black Wattle roots are digged out, the natural root bends are carefully selected and shaped by hand to form real returning Aboriginal boomerang.
It's decorated in natural traditional Aboriginal art colors with dot art technique by Aboriginal artists.

Average length (tip-to-tip) is 18 inch
Length varies +/- 1 inch

These boomerangs are now made only by order with waiting time 4-8 weeks
If you'd like to place order, please do so, or email your inquiry using the link below

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Wholesale inquiries are welcome

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