Boomerang Set #21 Australian star 1

Australian star 2

Australian star 1


A special outdoor solution for families with more then two active kids

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Latest light plywood hand painted boomerangs with approximate range of 45 feet / 15 meters (12" boomerang) 
and 60 feet / 20 meters (14" boomerang)

  Perfect finishing nice looking light plywood hand painted boomerangs - great family entertainers
They are good returning boomerangs as well as nice art articles hand painted with Australian animals - kangaroos, lizards, crocodiles, etc.
  returning hand painted boomerangs  
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  Boomerang gift set #21 includes  

= Light hand painted plywood returning boomerang - 12" X 2
= Light hand painted plywood returning boomerang - 14" X 2

Boomerangs are hand painted
artwork vary

= The boomerang information book
= International Airmail delivery - 5-12 days


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