Boomerang Set #22

Aboriginal artifacts gift set. Killing boomerang, clapsticks and bullroarer

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Authentic set of Aboriginal artifacts hand made of Mulga wood by Aboriginal craftsman Kevin Noolan from WiradJuri tribe

  Aboriginal artifacts gift set. Killing boomerang, clapsticks and bullroarer

All artifacts are hand burnt. Artwork vary

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  Boomerang gift set #22 includes  

 = Authentic 16.5 inch (41cm) killing boomerang. Hand burnt both sides.
The length is tip to tip. It varies +/- 0.5 inch. Once you hold this boomerang - you are armed. This real hunting weapon is signed by artist

= Authentic 12inch (30cm) hand crafted and hand burnt bullroarer.
The bullroarer has decorations on both sides. Use it to fill vibrations of Australian bush. Signed by artist

= Authentic 14 inch (35cm) hand crafted and hand burnt clapsticks are made of Australian Mulga wood by Kevin Nolan - Aboriginal craftsman from WiradJuri tribe.
Clap and you'll hear the beat of Dreamtime Land. This spiritual artifact is signed by artist

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