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Being one of the best boomerangs, Albatross is a computer designed sports boomerang.
It's light and easy to throw.
It has 19 inch (49cm) wings span and 83 feet / 25 metres range
High hovering stunt flier

  Available in Right and Left-handed designs  
  Albatross - sports boomerang
Same boomerang, but four different decorations
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  Price per boomerang including International Airmail delivery (5-12 days)
Q-ty 1 2 5 10 20
a. AU$49.00 AU$43.00 AU$37.00 AU$33.00 AU$29.00
b. AU$47.00 AU$41.00 AU$35.00 AU$31.00 AU$27.00
c. AU$44.00 AU$38.00 AU$32.00 AU$28.00 AU$24.00
d. AU$44.00 AU$38.00 AU$32.00 AU$28.00 AU$24.00

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Artwork and design vary


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